Windows 10 PRO X64 1803 and CIS unregonized files

Since i am running Windows 10 version 1803 Comodo doesn’t regonized more then 1000 files these are standing on waiting for analysis. Most curious is that Comodo self is marked as unregonized this happens since i have version 1803 of Windows 10 and the latest CIS Premium. For me not possible to set all these files on trusted so what is going wrong with the conficuration of CIS is there something wrong with the configuration or is is an problem of Comodo?? It is strange that more then 1000 files are waiting for analysis even Comodo self.

Hi Flyingturtle,

Sorry for the inconvenience. Its a visual bug which we fixed in our latest CIS - BETA.
Please try and provide your feedback.

Kind Regards,