Windows 10 Pre-Release b15063 - Operating System Screen Corruption

Having been on the Fast Ring for Windows 10 for quite sometime, this weekend thought it was about time to put it onto my main production workstation.

Once logged into build 15063, after the final reboot, to be presented with missing screen information everywhere, e.g. Corrupt Date in the task tray only showing the first character, the Windows Explorer only showed the graphical objects, no text values at all.

So decided it must of been a final release bug of Windows, so rebuilt the machine from an Anniversary image, then patched it and built it back to build 15063 without CIS installed and it work fine.

Finally installed the latest copy of CIS again, then the corruption started once more.

Managed to remove CIS and it went away, so it can only be CIS and the latest changes to build 15063 causing the problem, any thoughts?

This problem has been solved in last CIS release v6209. Please do a fresh installation.