Windows 10 insider preview 15031 无法使用CIS

After upgrading the latest 15031, installing comodo will cause problems with the system interface. See figure

I’ve just had exactly the same problem with CIS 10. So, I managed to do a complete uninstall of CIS and get my desktop back. I then re-installed CIS and it didn’t require a reboot immediately but the virus database needed to be updated. On completion of that update a reboot was required and after the reboot once again no text on the desktop. So, at present I don’t have Comodo installed.

It was already reported here;msg850592#msg850592

When Windows 10 anniversary update came out, Comodo didn’t have the drivers signed by Microsoft and this led to problems in PCs with a clean installation of Win 10 AU.
Well, Comodo released a fix around one month later…

Comodo makes no claims that CIS is supported or is compatible with insider preview builds and due to the nature of how the preview builds work (it is essentially a beta OS not meant for use for production) it can’t be expected for comodo to constantly release updates for each preview build. If you experience this issue on a stable public Windows build, then it can be forwarded to Comodo for investigation. Also please use the required bug format. Thus moving this to incomplete issue reports. Thanks.

Don’t give that, FT. Plain and simple, Insider builds are the next public release… which is very soon now… If it doesn’t run with Insider builds, millions of users (civilian, Education, government, military) are going to be screaming bloody ■■■■■■, real soon!

Melih has already been PM’d of this.

In fairness, as a long time Fast Ring participant, I have had lots of software break or become temporarily unusable due to changes in the Fast Ring code. I put up with it as a way to contribute to the process but I keep a Linux installation on another hard drive as a precaution. Most of the Fast Ring code ends up in production but not everything. One build about 4 months ago was blue screening me to death because of a change in how drivers were handled. I worked in Linux for 2 weeks until I knew it was fixed. That’s just life in the fast lane.

From a Comodo Staff member: