Windows 10 hangs on reboot after CFW update/reboot

That’s it. Comodo updated itself, rebooted, and now all I get is circling dots - for an hour at this writing after two (2) previous reboot attempts.

I had the same problem. Only way to fix it was to boot to safe mode and disable HIPS, then reboot to normal mode. Things seem to be working correctly with HIPS disabled, but having HIPS disabled means that my system is less secure.

It seems that the latest update causes HIPS to incorrectly block some critical item(s) from starting. For me, my entire system would freeze up and explorer.exe would become unresponsive but couldn’t end task (also couldn’t bring up Task Manager with Ctrl+Shift+Esc, and Ctrl+Alt+Del did not bring up the options screen and had no effect).

I have to ask… did they even test this build?


Thanks - will try that.

Today Win10 released update, after installed this update Windows Defender updated. Windows keeps hanging with Comodo installed. After uninstalled Comodo, no hang any more.