Windows (10) Firewall dont turn off automatically

Hello, like my topic it says i figured out that with win10 cis doenst turn windows firewall automatic off like in it was with win8.1 i know from. Is it normal? I use the newest Version each.
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Yup that is absolutely normal on Windows 10.

There are reasons you may not want to disable it, for instance if you require to use the Windows Firewall Authentication service for the Xbox App for example.

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What’s more annoying is not that Comodo doesn’t disable Windows firewall but that Windows 10 doesn’t even recognize that Comodo firewall is installed unlike in other versions of Windows. And then there’s the issue of latency by having two software firewalls running to inspect incoming traffic. Windows should recognize Comodo Firewall and integrate it into the Windows Defender Security Center.

Windows 10 does recognise that the firewall is installed.

If you do not want two firewalls running at the same time you are free to disable the Windows Defender Firewall yourself.

If you have installed an Antivirus then Windows firewall will be managed by that, means if your antivirus includes a firewall then you won’t have an option to turn on / off windows firewall in windows10.
If you do not hold any antivirus or in case your antivirus doesn’t include any firewall then you will have an option to turn on/off the windows firewall in windows10.
for more information about how to turn on/off windows firewall in different windows OS, you can follow this article How to turn off windows firewall in windows10

I’ve installed antivirus and you can see the firewall settings in windows panel.