Windows 10 - dumb as usual

Get this pop-up at every start;

“Firewall & network protection”

Windows Firewall and COMODO Firewall are both turn off…

Pretty annoying as Comodo is obviously not turned off.

It is annoying and exactly that. Windows Security Center is nothing else than a dashboard that tells what the security application tells about its state. However the communication between WSC and security programs is a bit flaky hence why there is has been standard routine to reset the registration with WSC for a decade or so. Trust what CIS says about its self. WSC brings no additional security to the equation.

Next CIS releases will bring various fixes and hopefully the registration with Win 10 WSC will be improved.

Hi MajorPayne,

Thanks for reporting, could you please share the details about comodo firewall version,Windows version for further assistance.

Same probleme since few months.
Windows 10 pro 1809
Comodo Firewall

Hi MajorPayne & LoboLeVrai,

Thanks for reporting.
This is known similar issue,our developers are already working on it.

I have had this issue for some time, I came here a little over a month ago and saw it had been reported. I just upgraded to Windows 10 1903 last week and today for some reason the message appeared again. I am using Comodo firewall version

I opened the Comodo control panel and Windows security centre and now it’s showing that it is turned on. I didn’t note exactly what I did to get this to change, if it happens again I will try to remember to do so.