Windows 10 Defender randomly reactivates after updates

After some of the Windows 10 monthly updates, Windows Defender gets reactivated and at the same time Comodo (both firewall and antivirus) gets deactivated after the reboot. It doesn’t happen always - I suppose it’s been like that mostly with “major” updates. However, yesterday I accidentally started the latest “preview” update (the one that got me from 19042.1110 to 19042.1151), and the same happened: after the reboot, Comodo firewall and antivirus were deactivated and Windows Defender was active (which I noticed because it was complaining about “hijacked” hosts file… talk about the irony of using the word “hijack”…).

Is there any way to “foolproof” the whole thing - so that Comodo Firewall and Antivirus shall run at all times, and Microsoft’s updates and whatnots won’t interfere?

Hi Max2015,

Thank you for reporting, We will check this.
Could you tell us the CIS version ?


It’s I noticed the update to 7098 is now official, so I’ll get to it before the next Windows update happens.