Windows 10 Compatible Version ??

Has a release timetable been set yet for a version that will be compatible with windows 10, I was told some time ago that a version was going to be released soon.

The current CIS 8.2 BETA is supposedly compatible with Windows 10 however please note that the BETA was released when the latest Windows 10 build was 9926 and the current latest build is now 10041 which means that it may not be compatible anymore, or it may still be, it depends on how much has happened between the builds really, it’s hard to develop software for an OS in development since it may change in a way that makes it incompatible.

As far as a stable release goes, latest info is 1st of April, but as always do NOT take release dates from Comodo as promises, because they really aren’t, they’re more of a “we hope to get this product out by this time but it may be delayed because X or Y”…

Hi Sanya,
As always, thanks for a reply…at this moment I’m using windows 8.1 pro. edition 32-bit, I have my laptop setup with a separate partition that has windows 10 tech. preview - build 10041 on it. I’ve been reading lately where the windows defender software that
comes included in the windows operating system (both 8.1 & 10 tech. preview) hasn’t been scoring very well in the latest AV-Tests result’s. That’s why I’m interested in trying it out at least on windows 10 tech. preview.
David :wink: