Windows 10 "Auto-Hide" Taskbar Will Not Pop Up With Sandboxed Web Browser

I am using the “autohide” taskbar function where the taskbar disappears at the bottom and then will appear when the mouse cursor goes down to it.

I used to use Sandboxie for FireFox and ThunderBird, and the autohide worked just fine.

Now, with CIS it does not work. I can see the green border showing that the programs are running in the sandbox, but the taskbar will not pop up.

Does anyone have any ideas of how to fix this?

Thanks very much.


Win 10

Firefox running in CIS Sandbox, same problem when running Thunderbird in sandbox.

While this issue does not happen on Windows 7, you can make a bug report so that the devs can become aware of the issue and attempt to fix the bug in the next release of CIS. Head on over to the bug report section Comodo Forum and create a new bug report using this format:;msg743135#msg743135