Window XP Home will not boot after Comodo Firewall Installation

Webroot Secure Anywhere is installed on the PC, & it has been disabled, Uninstalled, & PC hangs during boot.
Comodo 3x was uninstalled prior to installing CF 6.0xxxxx.
PC will boot to safe mode & CF message says it can’t fix issue, generates report.
CF can’t be uninstalled in safe mode, Windows XP System Restore must be used.

Please help.
Thanks In Advance.

Hi and welcome Unicornz0,
Please try the unofficial Uninstaller Tool for Comodo Products before attempting further re-installs, this is best run in Windows safe mode.
Using system restore to remove programs is likely to leave remains behind.

Hello captainsticks, this is precisely the bug I never reported. How small Comodo’s forum world can be. :smiley:

At Unicornz0, I had the exact same problem you mentioned and was able to remove Comodo Firewall with the tool captain sticks is mentioning in his post. What I can see from your post, is an environment problem since I am running Windows XP Home edition too. CIS seems to be working fine with other Windows edition.