Window media player firewall event

So I am constantly getting the firewall event notification popping up saying:

Administrator Approval Pending
C:.…\wmpnetwk.exe receives a connection from - UDP, 10280

When I look at the event in the firewall it says “asked”

I can not see any rule in the network policy even listed as ask or that has the log event box checked.

What is going on with this and how can I stop it? The continuously blinking notification box is driving me crazy.

I think it may be someone on a local network trying to share music, but I’m not sure.

Thanks for help in advance

What security level is the firewall running at? Safe mode? Custom?

Not really sure.

Under “firewall” tab i do not have “firewall behavior settings” as an option.

Under “manage my configurations” I have “Comodo - endpoint security” active

Additionally firewall event log says applicaiton is svchost.exe