Window focus blinking


I have installed Comodo Firewall a couple of days ago. I have had some small problems. The main problem is about window focus blinking. Sometimes the currently active/in-focus window goes out of focus, and then back. This has never happened before. The only software i have installed, is the firewall. It is really annoying when i’m watching TV on my computer, the only TV in the house, and the fullscreen mode gets disabled about once in 20-30 minutes. The same applies for video players too.

I disabled the window message monitoring, to check if this has something to do with this problem, but it didn’t help. Does anyone else have this problem, or am i alone with it? It is annoying enough to switch to another product. But for the great score in the leaktest article i read on the web, i would like to keep using this product.

Also the updater does not work, it immediately says that i’m not connected to the net, too fast for any real checking to be done.

My installed version is