Window Firewall

Isns’t Window’s Firewall supposed to be turned off with Comodo Firewall running? I just noticed that mine isn’t. I am running Windows Vista Business.


Welcome to the forum Hawkeye36 :slight_smile:
Sorry you have to do this manually for now.
The installing of CIS does not switch it of.

BTW, I have both running WinFirewall and CIS (F&D+). No problem noticed.
Can’t turn off because of Active Directory Group Policy, but anyway they work together and no issue.

Thanks for the reply. I did turn it back on since I wasn’t sure and that red letter warning popped up. It seems to work with both on Vista Business. However, I am wondering now that since both are working, this is the reason that it took about 5 hours to install Nero 9 and about 2 hours to install Adobe Acrobat? Maybe not. I was playing Call of Duty4 today and a warning popped up telling me that I must add 5 MB of space to the drive that COD4 was on in order for the game to continue. Otherwise, I would need to exit. I had no other choice. I went in and added a 1 1/2G to the cache but that didn’t help. So, I’m not sure what I do on that one.


You will notice issues if running 2 software firewalls at the same time. Even Microsoft strongly recommends using only one at any time.