Window Defender

I’ve upgraded my pc to Win 10 CU, now I’ve Win Defender activated aside from CCAV, and I’m NOT able to deactivate it.
During upgrade CCAV was disabled by me to avoid possible troubles; after upgrade I was NOT able to reactivate CCAV due an error, so I’ve attempted to repair it’s installation and rebooted, but Wn Defender was always active; then I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled CCAV and rebooted without success.
Is having Win Defender active aside from CCAV correct?

In practice even when antivirus disables windows defender, it remains partially active with the cloud scan (only for files that will be executed). Keep windows defender enabled with comodo cloud antivirus, it can be useful if you are not connected to the internet.


Windows Defender is always annoying and keeps turning itself back on - this time I had to use a group policy setting to disable it on the Creators update. In the short period where comodo glitched out on W10 creator’s update, I tried Kaspersky and windows defender did not disable by itself, and I could not enable Kaspersky until I disabled WD through the group policy. Looks like it’s the same for CCAV. So technically having WD active aside CCAV isn’t correct, and you’ll be left with a big red X on either CCAV or WD.

Go to task manager, go to the tab where the start apps are, disable it from there.