window backup problems?

im running comodo antivirus, the lastest edition, all settings at default. On a vista basic laptop. I just recently moved to comodo antivirus, and am liking it so far.

My scheduled windows backup ran the other day, and it failed for the first time, giving a code. The next day i reran the backup, and again, it failed and gave a code.

On looking online for the code i came across antiviruses being the culprit. So i disabled the antivirus, and reran windows backup again. this time it work just fine.

So, that pointed me to the antivirus. I didnt get any popups from the antivirus. There’s nothing in quarentine related to windows backup. There’s nothiong in defense plus. But in the antivirus event logs there is this.
COMODO Antivirus - Log Viewer Logs
Table : Antivirus Events
Date Created : 2010-12-05 12:46:16
Records count : 1
Date Location Malware Name Action Status
2010-12-04 04:00:27 \Device\HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy38\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\Quarantine\22e6d6c2-347afb63 Exploit.Java.Agent.hd@123914097 Detect Success
End of The Report

its my guess, the shadow copy is being picked up as a virus? if so how do i set comodo antivirus to allow the windows backup to run?

thank you for any help


Hey and Welcome

restore the quarantined file and scan the full system. Say what CAV says. scan also with malwarebytes.


Hi Valentinchen,

thank you for your reply. First. how do i restore it? its not in the quarantined items tab. Its located in the Antivirus events logs.

im not seeing how to restore something from within the antivirus event logs. I only see how to create rules for filtering?

Im pretty much postive im malware free and think this is a fp somehow. When i installed comodo antivirus on this system a couple weeks ago i did a full system scan, and it was clean. On this system I have pctools firewall plus, threatfire, and comodo antivirus running in r/t. My on demand scanners are malwarebytes, superantispyware and hitman pro.


you restore it by CIS —> AV —> quarantined items —> restore (you have to select which item you want restored)

If a warning pops up then click on ignore.

I recommend you uninstall pctools firewall; comodo belongs to the best firewall that exists if not the best. I I haven’t tried how it is to add the firewall but you add it through start —>control Panel —> uninstall a program. Here you search for comodo internet security, click on add/change and there you have to mark both the av and the firewall.



Thank you for your reply once more, but, i think we have a misscomunication going on here. I know how to restore from quarantine. Im famiilar with the basic concept.

Let me repeat myself for the 3rd time. Its NOT listed in quarantined items. Its ONLY mentioned in the anitivirus event logs, which i included in my original post. If its not in quarantined items then how do i restore? I thought about submitting the file as a false postive, but i dont see how to do so from within the event logs, as again, its NOT in quarantine items, where submit is obviously an option. In the Submit files heading itself im not seeing where to find event logs to dig out the particular file in this topic.

If you need more information that i havnt given please ask

thank you for recomending switching to Comodo firewall, but I must respectfully decline.


hey Saty

I don’t think you can restore what doesn’t exists in quarantine. You can try to this operation CIS → AV → View antivirus events → more. now you have to search for the destroyed item, try to see what happens when you press explore.

I am sorry that I am not a big help. if nothing helps download the driver from


The AV log shows that a copy of the CIS quarantine is getting scanned. Try adding the following to the AV exclusions: \Device\HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy*\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\Quarantine\ . If it is formated properly I think it should stop the problem.