window: A malicious item has been detected!


I thought if I stay silence Comodo would do something about this.
I can’t wait anymore since it’s irritating to get the window “A malicious item has been detected!” but not being able to see what it has detected…

Since my screen resolution is 1920x1080 I had to increase the font in Windows Color and Appearance.
This is why the font is big in the “window: : A malicious item has been detected!”

Why have the main window to be re-sizable but not the window “A malicious item has been detected”
Please fix this Comodo!

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Can it get more simple than make the window “A malicious item has been detected” re-sizeble?
Issue is I don’t see what it has detected…
You can change the main window size and you should be able with the window “A malicious item has been detected”

It can be seen as a suggestion also, but it’s actually both…

Sorry but I don’t have the time make a proper bug report
If someone else wants to, it’s fine by me!

If it’s a suggestion, it belongs in the wishlist. But since you posted it on the bug reports forum, it needs to follow the bug report format.

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