Winamp Discontinued !!

Winamp Discontinued !!

here is the new:


Yep sad news for us Winamp users :embarassed:

But… I like Winamp. :cry:

My fav. Ok, then find next.

Hi friends,

try AIMP, it looks like Winamp and I like it soo much,

let give it a try 88) :wink:

Thx looks promising.

you will never regret :wink:

Yep man so far I tweaked just the way I wanted, and… Bye bye Winamp :smiley:
With the right themes(because the default one isn’t o my taste), Winamp is history ;D

Yes mate :wink:

Thanks for sharing :wink:

Why the need to dump Winamp so soon? There was an update just yesterday for it and it will continue to work on your computer long after December 20th.

Source: Microsoft In Talks To Buy Shoutcast And Winamp From AOL (

Thank you for the link :-La

this is the last official update for Winamp. and of course you can use after 20th december :slight_smile:

But you can always try the suggestion of yigido :-TU believe me you won’t regret.

thanks RealNature :wink: yes AIMP is a good alternative, and actually I think the best one 8)

Yes I know now 8)

Petitioning Winamp (AOL): AOL: Keep Winamp alive or let it go open source (

I’ll be using AIMP then…

good decision :-TU you will never regrat as I said :wink: