Winamp crashes with CFP


I’ve been using CFP for 3 months now and since the beginning Winamp has always crashed after playing couple of songs. Sometimes it crashes whole computer. Today I tried if it would work latest version of Winamp but problem hasn’t changed. Actually today CPF informed that it is out of memory cpf.exe hogged all the cpu usage. What maybe the problem?

Also since I installed CFP my WiFi connection haven’t worked with Wii (with NIS2005 it worked fine). I tried couple of walktroughs I’ve found from this forum but I cannot get connection working. What shall I do with this?

IncrediMail isn’t working with CFP either (it crashes as soon as I start the program).

I’m using avast! antivirus but I didn’t have these promblems when NIS2005 worked as a firewall. Please help me, I like CFP but these problems so frustrating that I’m beginning to loose my mind…

BTW. all programs I mentioned are latest versions of them.

Welcome to the forums, tömis.

I also have winamp, but not the latest 5.33 version and has never crashed with CFP. Was there anything unusual in your logs?

No I can’t find anything unusual in logs.

Two of my friends are also using CFP and Winamp also works fine with them.

I have the Winamp lite version, and no internet access (unless when I play radio stations). Make sure you don’t have any of those default options on like ‘send annonymous info’ that could make random outbound connections to Winamp servers.

I give internet access to Winamp only to use internet radio and to use Predixis MusicMagic.

I blocked internet access to Winamp with CFP and also changed internet connection settings from Winamp to “no internet connection”. It didn’t change a thing after the first song it crashed like always.

Do you have any blocked drivers or files in the CFP’s Component Monitor? Some might be required by Winamp.

Will you do me a favor?

Go to Security - Advanced - Application Behavior Analysis and TEMPORARILY uncheck “Monitor DLL Injections”. Restart the computer to see if it works now. Whether or not it does, you MUST recheck it. It is a widely used exploit.

I doubt it will work, but there’s no danger trying.

There’s no component blocked.

I’ll try to disable “Monitor DLL Injections” later.

It seems that Winamp crashes when visualization is enabled or when it automatically starts at start of new song. What might be the problem in that? I can live without visualization but definetily miss that feature.

I would also like know how to make my WiFi connection to work. I did what two of walkthroughs told me in these forums but my connection still isn’t working. Could I get some help with this problem?

I never use Winamp visualization, which explains why my Winamp is so fast and “crashless” :D.
This is the first case I’ve seen that CPF and Winamp’s visualization don’t mix. What you could do is register to file a ticket:

Your WiFi connection is a different topic. You should look at other threads like this or start a new one.