(Win7 x64) Comodo Firewall (or Defense+) deactivates the language toolbar


I dont know how to describe the issue…
I have Windows7 64bit. I installed Comodo Firewall (without AV) and Defense+. When rebooting the system after install of Comodo the language toolbar next to the clock on the right corner down (next to the system tray) disappears. I set Firewall and Defense+ to training mode right after install and before rebooting…I even set them to disabled but the language toolbar is still missing.
Just after deinstalling COmodo the language toolbar appears again.

On XP I havent had this issue. And 32bit Version of Comodo I can not install because it is missing something (I thing it is because of the 64bit Win7).

What can be? Does someone have/had the same issue?

Please help…

Can you take a look under Defense + → Common Tasks → View Defense +Alerts and post a screenshot of it?

there is no View Defense +Alerts, only View Defense +Events, and there is nothing in.
Did you mean that?

That’s what I meant.