Win7 + Updater = error

I use the free Comodo Firewall by itself, version
This is setup on 2 systems (at home) where I am testing Windows 7 beta RC build 7100.
When attempting to update Comodo firewall, or it attempts to update itself, I get the error “One of passed string parameters is empty!”.
I used the same version of the Firewall with the Windows 7 beta (previous build, 7000 or so, I forget exactly) and the firewall updater worked properly.

The Comodo Updater is the only portion that is not working properly, the rest of the program is. I do know of course that this is why there are beta and Release Candidates of software and operating systems. I just figured I would pass this along to you to have the programmers look into it, to have a program working well when Windows 7 ships (Oct 2009 is last date I heard semi-officially).

I do not have any problems with any other OS I currently use the firewall on at my house (Vista x64 or XP). Please let me know if there is additional information needed.

You need to place CFPUPDAT.exe in Vista compatibility mode to run properly.
Please note Comodo does not support Win7 as of this writing (it is still pre-release), the current version of the firewall is CIS3.8, and the latest (3.9) will be released hopefully on Tuesday.