Win7 port 56376 outgoing initiated by svchost


I might have a problem. I am using Win7 64bit MSDAA Version. So, it is a fresh installtion. Anyway, some soft is installed and Comodo FW is continually asking me for opening port:

port 56376 (UDP) from svchost

Does anyone have a clue what that is? FYI, the target is altering, there are pop ups for several IP adr. but the port is always 56376.

I am frightened :slight_smile:

What did you install?

Please show your Firewall log.


some time went by however here is a screen shot for I hope that works too.

Thanks alot for any advice how to constraining this windows service.

Alerts for port 56376 are not in the image you posted.

The destination addresses I see in the provided are either to Microsoft (65.55.x.y and 213.199.y.z) or broadcasts to the local network ( or multicasts (224.0.0.X). Nothing out of the ordinary.