Win7 not geniune after install CIS v5


Installed CIS v5 free on Windows7 32 bit and installation went well…but:
After one hour windows stated my Windows7 was not genuine anymore !!!
Unable to reactivate Windows7 with my geniune key. Even talked to a Microsoft technician from the support desk.
After using system restore before CIS v5 windows7 was activated again.

Any tips on how to avoid this?


Did you enable “Block all unknown requests if the application is closed”?

No, did default installation.

Hi Lurcher,

Are you willing to test again to see if disabling several components “fixes” the issue?
Did you reboot a few times and that also didn’t help?

I have seen this twice during beta testing, but could not relate it to CIS. maybe there is an issue there.

Can you also verify your Windows Event logs to see if it reports any errors about the software registration?

Hi Ronny,

Thanks for your reply.

I rebooted several times without succes.
Windows event log reported 7 events from source ‘Windows Activation Technologies’ after install of CIS

Willing to test it again. (Created a fresh image just in case)
What do you suggest?

Please try to create an Installation log file using the directions in this post this will help dev’s to see what’s going on at installation time;

Also screen shots of the windows event log entries regarding Windows Activation would be nice.

Once we have that, try the following in an Administrative command-box

slmgr /rearm

This will start a script that normally would reset your grace period, but I found working in fixing the issue for me, it will run a vb-script and after that is finished it requests to reboot.