Win7 Issue

I’ve been trying out CSC for some time now, and I must say I’m very pleased with it. However I do have one issue to ask support for since I haven’t found it discussed in the forums.

As you may have figured out from the title I use Windows 7 (build 7000. 32bit). To install CSC on this OS I have to run it as administrator and in compatibility mode for WinVista. All fine up to here, however, if I try to update, this is no longer possible. I download the update and am prompted to restart the software so the installer can run its course. I do not have at this point the ability to set the compatibility, so when the installer starts, I just get the message that my OS isn’t supported.

Does anyone have a workaround for this issue?

PS: I use version 1.1.63928.28


No workaround for now… not an official one anyway. Pretty soon we will have support for Win 7 also.

Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll wait patiently for the official fix. :-TU