Win7 Freezes When Exiting Certain Programs (Possibly Comodo Firewall Related?)

Hi, I originally posted this on the Windows Answers forums but the helpful person assisting there informed me that my issue may be Comodo-related.

I am pasting my original message below and I hope to figure this issue out once and for all.

"Since about a week ago, Windows 7 (64 Bit Pro) has frozen on me quite frequently when I exit out of certain programs. Some of the programs that have caused this: Avidemux, VLC, Dreamweaver (when closing many windows at the same time), and more. There have been no major software changes on the computer in this time aside from updating my DisplayLink drivers soon after the problem began (I thought this may have been an issue) and regular Windows Updates yesterday.

There are no errors posted in the event log after this happens. Hardware has not been updated recently though I did upgrade RAM about half a year ago. Windows Memory Diagnostics reported no issues.

Any idea what is causing Windows to lock? It’s a total freeze, mind you. No errors and no BSOD; close a program such as any one listed above and instantly the OS is frozen. I first thought it may have been an RAM issue but since no errors are returned and closing other ‘big’ programs such as Opera which was using 1GB did not result in a freeze…yet.

I also thought this may be an overheating issue since it’s summer but neither the CPU/Harddisk/Mobo rise above 55’ish Celsius even when under load.

SeaTools also reports no errors on the disk.

Edit: Also ran SFC /scannow with no issues found.

Edit 2: I just want to clarify that Windows doesn’t freeze each and every time I close one of the above-mentioned programs. I’d say it’s 70/30 in favor of freezing. Sometimes I get ‘lucky’."

I’d like to add that I already did a total clean uninstall of Comodo Firewall before re-installing it but the issue of freezing when exiting certain programs (and randomly at that) still persists.