Win7 Action Center Says Firewall Off


Been using Comodo free Firewall, current version 5.0.162636.1135, without issue, This morning after booting, all seems normal, except Windows Action Center tells me there is no firewall protecting the PC. When I open the Comodo firewall interface, the shield is green “All systems are active”, running diagnostics comes back okay.

I’ve made no changes to the PC over the past several days, and just wonder if anyone else has seem this behavior before. I suspect a ‘glitch’ in Windows action center not detecting the firewall, but it makes me leery when this happens out of the blue.

Windows 7 Home Premium, all the latest patches etc. Running the following security programs

Spybot Search & Destroy
Malwarebytes Antimalware (paid version)
Spywareblaster (paid version)
Microsoft Security Essentials

Other than turning off the firewall notifications in action center, anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!


Try running Diagnostics, under More, and see what it reports.

Sometimes the Action Center messes up and resetting it may do the trick:

Open a command prompt by clicking Start → Run. Type cmd and click OK.

In the command prompt window, type NET STOP WINMGMT /Y and press ENTER.


Type EXIT and press ENTER to close the window.

Restart the system. Windows should start normally, but you may be prompted to restart the system once more to complete the changes caused by resetting the core repository. You may also need to restart once more if Windows Security Center still does not detect your security product.