Win7 64 bit

Hi, Which version of CIS is best suited to win7 64 bit, 3.14 or the current version? I have read somewhere on this forum about 64 bit not being fully protected.

Hi Lyn,

That’s the case for both version, so it doesn’t matter.

But if your starting with a fresh configuration I’d go for 4.1.x.920
If you like the old 3.x behavior switch 4.1. to ProActive Security and set the Sandbox to disabled.
If not just see where the defaults bring you, if it sandboxes applications you trust check them as “don’t run in sandbox next time” and restart the application to get it’s full functionality back.

Is it ok to use proactive with sandbox enabled then? Does it look like this issue will be resolved?

It should not cause issues running ProActive and Sandbox.
And the issue is on the developers list to be solved, just don’t know when.

Which vulnerability are you referring to?

Hi Chiron,

Was that question for me?

For either one of you.

I wasn’t aware of any major differences in security and I’d like to know what they are between a x32 computer and an x64 computer running CIS V4.1.

It’s about this post here:

Egemen confirmed somewhere that there are a few hooks not in place for x64
Just run GMER on both and compare the SSDT list, that should show the differences. running comodo internet security premium on a windows7 64-bit my security ok?thanks.

Hi Darren,

Yes it’s okay, these are a few protections that their having issues with because of the new Patch Guard Microsoft introduced in to 64bit versions.

But the “bad” software has to enter your system first before it can abuse these and it should have stopped it by then.

Just use a Standard User account for your every day PC work and leave UAC default and you should be fine.

Hi I’ve setup cis 4 in safe mode, proactive, sandbox enabled also with uac{win 7} at default should this be ok?