Win7 64-bit unknown applications

In KillSwitch I have the following unknown applications:


After I submit CMDAGENT with success status, any submit - including CMDAGENT - result is FAILURE.

Exit Killswitch
Try to add mentioned applications to File List & perform a Lookup (“Alt+L” keys)

Check again rating with Killswitch

I’ll see how that goes.


Nevertheless, why are cmdagent and icedragon_updater.exe*32 running processes - both fundamental process to CIS & IceDragon, i.e., Comodo branded Firefox - unknown to Killswitch (which is inherently a Comodo application)?

And, yes, neither of those processes were in the CIS File Rating filelist listing.

Let me know if that works for you. It’s a workaround for me, actually.
Sometimes you are unable to submit files successfully and Lookup is not so reliable. It’s a known issue.

The Killswitch app must not share with CIS file rating database. After a clean re-install of CIS v10 I’ve a whole boatload of unknown applications running - a significant amount being Windows fundamentals - and ALL of them are in the CIS File Rating file list.

How did you install killswitch? Did you download the stand alone version or did CIS install it when you launch the watch activity task or click the more button in active process task? Killswitch does use the file list of CIS to check a process rating.

Just to double-check : issue persists even after Lookup action in File List?
By the way, when you troubleshoot similar issues, you can get more detailed info :;msg847363#msg847363

Its the KillSwitch that comes with CIS v10.

You say it DOES share with CIS file rating file list, then there’s an issue: I’m getting a CIS HIPS alert on C:\Program Files (x86)\Toshiba\TOSHIBA Service Station\TMachInfo.exe saying its unrecognized; it - along with several other Toshiba utilities - are definitely in the file-rating file-list and whitelisted as trusted.

Maybe this is the case where if its manually trusted, but not verified in the cloud its only pseudo-trusted.