Launcher.exe flagged as " virut " … hm 88)
PS : when realtime scanner detected it, press clean , " restart computers for clean this files " and the files wasnt active … :-\

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Please do not ever post any suspect into any open forum

Submit the file as passwoded archive to the vendor that produced flagging

That is a common rule

in addition post info about the system environment … that is always matter

I hope the mods will remove the <>.zip ASAP

… not saying that Comod’s AV has incredibly enormous(!!!) amount of FPs

My regards

is not dangerous :slight_smile: launcher.exe is detected every update (game aka : blackshot)
name detections :
=> now virut :slight_smile:

yep, for future , when a detection come with this name i made it with a password :slight_smile:

Yes, but submiting in the servers do not work " server faillure "
for the email : do not have any email.
for the submission in gui. it say allways " already submited " and never fixed ^^

Well Ok … this time … probably that is an FP… as usual… but what I was talking about - nobody should post anything into the open forum that is currently a suspect …
no matter what it is … cause some users gust like to click … or double-click… do I remember what is working better ;D

That’s not appropriate that is a point

Have you find the thread with the instruction about submitting?
If not , please ask



Thanks for reporting.We are going to check that and get back to you with an answer shortly.



Reported FP has been fixed in DB V5144.