This was infecting a computer which had comodo installed (latest version and updated dat) I had to run an online scan via bitdefender to detect and clean it off.
What procedure do you take to get this virus into the comodo updates as I have several other PC’s infected and I dont want to run the online scans I just want comodo to recognise it as a virus and clean/remove.


PM me a link to a download source, or follow this guide

You can use the online scan of Bitdefender to find the locations of the Virus. Then zip the files to the developers using the link Omeletguy gave you :wink:

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Thanks chaps, I uploaded via the the “send suspicious file” section of comodo. Will it will be a quick turn around for the virus to get into the dat database ?

yes if its not a false positive it will be detected in the next 24 hours if its not after 48 hours give me i download link!

Lol omeletguy. i have to point you to the forum policy. No malware recources please. Thanks :wink:


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Welcome to these forums and thank you for registering in order to ask how to submit a sample

Comodo has been detecting Win32.Sality.OG for a while and thus your effort may have been in vain. :frowning:

Can you upload your sample to virustotal as well?

PS: current AV db version is 1311


OK the virus is now in the DAT files.