win32 agent.bkw

Just used a squared online scan it detected this trojan? So i quarantined it then i was informed i’d have to reinstall windows. I didn’t reinstall i’m running different scans with other software nothing found yet could this be a false positive?

It appears that this was in fact a false positive.

Thankyou for your reply. Should i restore the fp or just let it be? Also why would a note on my screen appear to reinstall windows as files were changed?

If everything is running as it should be then perhaps you can just leave things as they are.If that is a required component for something however,you should restore it and set the scanner to ignore it in future scans.that’s of course it the issue hasn’t already been addressed in an update.

From what I can make out that component is part of the ATI uninstaller,so unless you’re planning on a switch of graphic cards it can be left alone.

Apparently it was a false positive according to ST forum