Win2000 supported firewall

Since ZoneLabs apparently abandoned support for Windows 2000 in their latest firewall products (and, BTW, I see NO announcement on their site that they have done so), can someone suggest a currently developed firewall-only product that still supports Windows 2000? I was thinking of trying Comodo, but it appears they ALSO have abandoned Windows 2000.

This is for my brother’s system, and I really don’t have the time or desire to have to completely re-install his system in order to put WinXP on it, merely to keep the firewall working and updated. For that matter, since he finally has broadband, that’s the final block to switching his system to Ubuntu or some other distribution. But I really don’t have the time to get that partition updated at the present, so some other firewall product would be the best solution for the interim.

I think Online Armor still supports Windows 2000. You might want to check it out, they have a free version as well:


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