Win10 native FW & CIS FW

I have found that CIS appears to be doing what it is supposed to do, Win10 however is another story… is there a clash or bypass?

I turn off the Win10 (1703) FW & allow CIS FW to control the environment. Then MS issues an update & suddenly I have 2 FWs running. This has happened several times now.
Win10 says private fw is off (as a warning) & keeps activating the ‘public’ FW behind the scenes.
I assume this all means W10 is ignoring CIS FW.
My only ‘alert’ this has happened again is a msg notifying me of a new network discovered by Win FW. 88)

Historically it was always bad to run multiple FWs. This is a potentially dangerous situation as I don’t know how much MS has messed this up behind the scenes. So my queries are these: -

  • How can I permanently stop this behavior - it’s not Comodos fault, but could CIS flag it or prevent it? I never saw this on Win7 so that OS at least appeared to recognize CIS was working.

  • Is it causing more problems/leaks with traffic than I can easily see?

  • Is it bypassing or preventing CIS FW from doing what I have it set to do?

Bottom line - Can I turn off all Win10 FW functions with impunity if CIS FW is active?

Would be nice if Comodo could look into this situation.

Sounds like you are seeing a similar issue to mine?;msg870703#msg870703

Yes, it is similar.
With this OS design the problem is M$ wants access for data-mining & Apps interfacing, I am worried that (given their track record) this may leave us exposed to threats that piggy-back these activities. The issue of slow-downs, connectivity & broken functionality from multiple FWs is the other obvious concern.
I would like to know if there is any ‘gap’ between comodo FW & the resurgent MS FW…