Win10 antispyware app message

Hi guys,

I encountered a new problem with the latest CAV (

I have previously done a clean install of Windows 10 Home x64 and then previous version of CAV (ONLY the antivirus).
All was working fine, until the new update (mentioned came along.

On every startup, I get a windows action message (screenshot1) and when I open it, it get the window seen in screenshot2.
If I enable “Comodo Defense+”, HIPS gets enabled in CAV and pop-up start to pour in.
I was always satisfied with HIPS being disabled by default.
If I disable HIPS, I get the Windows message again on a new Windows start.

Does someone have an idea how to either disable the annoying Windows message or have HIPS enabled without the pop-ups?
I have found the option to have HIPS accept requests automatically without the pop-ups, but it that safe?
Is the Windows message any indication of lowered system defenses?

System info:
Windows 10 Home 64-bit (up-to-date)
i5 4570
Nvidia 770
no other active AV installed, only malwarebytes AS for scans on demand

I would be happy for any info you can provide.

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It happened to me too, I just disabled the notification about security software.