Win XP won't boot

Good day.
I’m completely new to Comodo; since my old sygate firewall isn’t being updated anymore, i decided to switch.

I downloaded and installed the v3, worked nicely, it scanned my files and found 4 malware items. 2 of which were in system32. sadly, i dind’t think about it and removed them. then i wanted to reboot. but since i deleted winlogon.exe, it crashed back to memory-check right after the funky windows jingle. I then decided to ask my old friend “last known good configuration” over; now, windows was executing perfectly. but the firewall wasn’t. i only got the little red x saying it doesn’t function properly and i should allow it to repair itself by clicking the little line next to it. when i did that, it said it had found problems but solved it, and i should now restart my computer. which wasn’t possible anymore, again. so i went back to last known good configuration, windows booted, but the firewall dind’t work. round and round it goes. after subjective 3h of either the firewall or windows not functioning, i decided to reinstall comodo. guess what. it solved it! no, just kidding. didn’t help at all.

i really like the nice colours and the theoretical bunch of functions with comodo, so i really want to get it and my operating system working at the same time. is there any chance?


You should have not deleted those files. Never delete anything any malware scanner finds unless you know its a virus. Have you tried doing a Sysem Restore?

Perhaps you could try cleaning all Comodo traces with CCleaner, and do a malware scan with antivirus program(s). In other words, make sure your system is clean. Then give CFP another shot - hopefully it’ll work…


Read this tutorial on how to fully remove all traces of Comodo firewall: . Then give it another go.

I tried uninstalling as suggested, i fought thru registry and spend nearly 2hours doing so.
then i reinstalled comodo. same thing. as soon as the firewall wants to reboot after install, windows doesn’t load compleley anymore. when i use last known good configuration the firewall reports a problem.

what else can be wrong?

Are you sure you restored all the missing files? Last known good configuration doesn’t fix drivers that are corrupted or missing; just restores previous versions and registry.

Your problem isnt with Comodo. You delete System Files that were needed for Windows. Try doing a System restore back before this happened. You can also replace the missing files by copying and pasting them off your Windows CD.

well, there were two files deleted; winlogon.exe from /system32 and winlogon.exe from system32/dllcache. after the last known good configuration thingy the winlogon.exe from system32 was back. i then just copied it into dllcache. don’t know if that was good or not, but it worked.
the thing is: when i don’t install (or repair) the firewall, everything works fine, windows boots perfectly normal and its all happy day. just after the repair of comodo windows won’t boot.

i disabled the defence + part; now the firewall works. but i still want defence + :frowning:

So there were only 2 files deleted, not 4 as in the original post? Unfortunately the boot problem is usually due to conflicts in loading between Comodo and something else on your system. But could be due to a missing file that D+ needs. If you have a good restore point, worth a try as Vettetech says. Next thing is to go to MS Configuration and stop the loading of unnecessary programs at startup. Then boot without them, install CFP3 and see if it works then. Assuming it does, reenable the disabled startup programs. This often fixes the loader conflicts as long as there is nothing else missing.

well, 2 of the 4 files found & deleted were real malware :slight_smile:

i just tried to return to a restore point right before i initially installed comodo, but that just resulted in me losing my connectivity; the lan-connection was then unable to receive an ip-adress from the router i use. thus, i reverted the system restore…

i am now going to do what you sded suggested, and find out what produces the conflict.
whats the dllcache folder good for, anyway?

What were the files you deleted that appeared to be real malware? The dllcache folder for XP is explained pretty well at ,

How do you know they were really malware? Did you bother to check? Comodo scanner is still new and shouldnt be trusted nor should any other scanner. Just cause a scanner says something is malware doesnt mean it is. Its called false positives.

i know that because those were two ■■■■■■ dialer-sort of files from a strange retro-games-combilation. even if they were not malware, their removal can’t affect the stability of the system.

what i did:
i restored to a recovery point 6h before i unistalled sygate and installed comodo. then i uninstalled sygate and installed comodo, again; this time i didn’t let it search for anything though.
after reboot, windows crashed as usual.
i then booted windows in safe mode, and denied all automatically starting programs apart from comodo by tune up utilities. it still didn’t work; windows crashed at the exact same moment.

i then disabled defence+, and it works fine…

any more ideas? this is slowly getting personal…

Have you tired a diagnostic start up? Leave everything off except for Comodo. See what happens. Bring up msconfig and run diagnostic start up. I run Comodo on both my latop and desktop with XP and no problems at all. What other security software do you have? Tune Up Utilities doesn’t need to boot up when you start Windows. Dont use Tune Up Utilities. Use msconfig.

If your trying to fix a problem you should have done a couple of reboots before installing Comodo. Be sure your old firewall is COMPLETELY gone.

yeah, as i said i left everything off. tune up wasn’t running at this moment. nothing was. apart from comodo v3 with defense+.

i know that the old firewall has to be gone completely.and it is. but, as i said before, the problem i have is not with the firewall-part of comodo; just with defense+, proactive defense. also i thought it might somehow collide with my avast antivir i’m running, but thats obviously not the case. and thats all of security software i’m running…

also, i’m getting the impression that all connections are much slower, eg opera takes minutes to load a page, or utorrent runs at 1/4 of its former speed although everything is green…

Comodo doesn’t have a web shield and does not slow down browsing or uTorrent. I down load with uTorrent at a speed of about 600KB/sec. There is alot of problem with he new Avast. There web shield especially. The newest version that came out this week was suppose to address this. Did you try putting D+ in training mode? The firewall and D+ are not separate processes so it cannot be Comodo.

thanks for the info concerning slowing down. still, i can hardly use opera when utorrent is running at the same time. don’t know why.

i’m sorry, i mixed that up since i used avast at work; here, i use avira antivir personal.
i just tried training mode. nothing. as soon as i uncheck “deactivate the defense+ permanently(requires a system restart)” and reboot, windows won’t load anymore. as i said: right after the windows sound it crashes back to the beginning of the boot sequence. i can see my desktop wallpaper and the clock in the taskbar, and thats it.

thank you vettetech for your time :slight_smile:

Using Opera and uTorrent at the same time and getting slow downs is related to your bandwidth and the over performance of your pc. Have you tried running a speed test?

yeah i’ve run a speedtest. it seems to be a problem with my system’s performance, not with bandwith. i have a downstream of over 8000 kbit/s (although i should have 16000).
still, opera is much slower. it uses something around 1,5KB/s when loading a site. and utorrent, running at the same time, has a downstream of maybe 50 KB/s.

and whats wrong with defense+ ?