win xp pro locks up

have used cpf for a little while and all was well but just recently the computer boots up and pretty much locks up… after booting to safe mode and removing comodo everything seems ok … any suggestions? this has happened on more than one computer… desktop and laptop

Which version of comodo are you installing?

Some users have problems like yours with the recent beta versions.

Ill keep that in mind… currently Im running and it seems ok… however yesterday I had problems so i uninstalled and reinstalled , I did not pay attention to the versions, Ill double check on my laptop this evening, I remove CPF on the laptop last night and put on zone alarm as a temp solution.
I would like to use CPF because is is so configur

Any diagnostics you’re able to provide would definitely be a big help…

As many details about what was going on at the time of the freeze, screenshot from Process Explorer (from SysInternals ) showing I/O Reads & Writes; standard System Information; and if you have a total freeze or crash/BSOD, a dumpfile would be great.

Also, how long have you had CPF without this problem? Has anything with your system changed just prior to this occurring (new software, updated software, updated drivers…). I think another user had a similar problem, which turns out was because of a driver update from Windows that was bad (Windows shortly after came up with a fix for it).