Win XP Pro, IE over writing browser settings

This just started to happen,
Comodo alert status keeps pinging that IE is trying to over write browser setup; Firefox, with IE usage only.
I keep setting to disallow per Comodo setup with “remember this” but it does not seem to work.
Is Windows trying to control a firewall, not of their own for some reason.
I also went into windows setup; set program access and defaults, and notice it had also change my setup as well.
I never had this problem before and have been running win xp pro for many yrs.
I am using a hardware fire wall along with this software firewall, with AVG and ports secured.
One user for this puter, I.

Hi Hap, welcome to the forums.

I don’t think I’ve heard of this previously. Any chance you could post a screen shot of the CFP Alert on IE? Thanks.

the alert would be what Comodo would issue when something is trying to gain access, the norm method I believe.
IE was trying to become my main browser and comodo was asking what did I what to do…
Very strange, never seen this before, once I set Firefox that was it.

BTW thanks for the responds. Is there a way to receive respond without login here, some sites sends out that someone has responded. Maybe I missed a setup

No problem. Perhaps MSIE’s behaviour was due to a Windows Update or something… assigning it the default browser, which triggered CFP because it hadn’t been launched like that before. So, it’s OK now?

Yes, you can get an email notification of any reply. You can set it manually now (Notify button), or by a setting on posting (Post Window - Additional Options - Notify me of replies) or set it to always notify you in your forums Profile (Notifications and Email - Turn notification on when you post or reply to a topic).

edit: Oops… cut ‘n’ paste wrong option.

edit 2: ;D Plus there’re some other options that you might want to turn on, like receive the actual post via email, rather than just the notification.

I rarely due a windows update till its been out for awhile and proven safe, which means I haven’t done one in months.
It is running well now, tho why it happen??
Still don’t like the way Windows tries to control other software on-board, makes one wonder.

Should have left SuSe on…

Oopps, had a brain fart, misspelled words