Win XP Pro freezes after trying to install SonyEricsson USB drivers


When I try to install SonyEricsson USB driver my PC freezes. I tried to do the same thing on the second PC and the same thing happens. When Comodo is uninstalled then all is working fine.

If you guys want to test it yourself follow the instructions on this page and see what will happen.

Is there any workaround for this problem?


Both PCs are Win XP Pro SP3, Intel based

Does the event get logged by the D+ logs? Look under Defense + → Common Tasks → View Defense + alerts. Can you show a screenshot of the logs?

Will look and post screenshot.


I don’t see any driver detail logged in D+ Logs, but here is whole log file:


I see that Samsung.exe is trying to access cmdagent in memory. May be the denial of that makes the program go haywire.

We are going to make an exception for the program so it can access CIS files in memory.

Here is the drill. First go to Defense + → Advanced → Computer Security Policy.

Now look up Comodo Internet Security → select it → Edit → Protection settings → click on the Modify button behind Interprocess Memory Access.

We are going to add your program to the exceptions: Add → Browser → now browse to the file and select it → Apply → Apply → Apply.

Now start the program and see what happens.

That samsung.exe is part of Z3X tools for samsung mobile phones and is not installed on second PC where the same thing happens. Will try anyways and see what will happen…

Thanks for your effort.

Nope, samsung.exe is not the guilty one as I suspected. Still the same problem when driver needs to be installed. PC freezes. :cry:

At what point in the process does the installation freeze? Do the D+ logs show any activity about the driver installation process? Is this the only driver installation process that goes haywire?

In what configuration is CIS running? What are you Defense + settings?

Try disabling D+ under Defense + → Advanced → Defense + Settings–> tick “Deactivate the Defense + permanently (Requires a system restart)” → reboot. Does this do the trick?

Hi all. I’m having the same problem.

It freezes as soon as the driver installation icon appears in system tray. There is nothing in D+ logs. Yes, this is the only driver that’s happening with.

I’m using Safe Mode in both the Firewall and D+.

Deactivating Defense+ permamently didnt help.

Does uninstalling CIS “fix” it for you?

It looks like there is an incompatibility issue at hand here. I will probably move this to the bug boards.

Yes it does.