win xp firewall& comodo

Hello. Don’t know if anyone else is doing this or not, but I use xp & comodo firewalls together by adding comodo the the xp firewall exceptions. Does this give an extra layer of protection??

no no!!! two firewalls are NOT good to be running together they actually conflict with eachother and you’re worse off. You need to turn off the XP firewall. By the way Welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:

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Even though Windows firewall is an exception, there would be no point in using both because it only has inbound protection. In fact, at the very least you’ll only be wasting system resources.

Thnx for the headsup. I did notice that xp was an exception, thats why I gave it a try. It does make sence that they may conflict, although I didn’t notice any problems.I killed xp F/wall.