Win Movie Maker Portable malware?

Hi all,

I have downloaded portable Windows Movie Maker 2.6 from CNet. As per instructions, I ran the runonce.exe after extracting the zip file. I think programs from CNet are certified virus- and malware-free. However, D+ says the runonce.exe is a trojan.

Can anyone confirm if this is a false positive or it is really a trojan?

Download site:


Lower on down the c/net page shows others have also found a virus, I would be careful.

VirusTotal gives it about a 50% chance of being infected: has about 50%:

You can submit the file to Comodo for their full analysis:

The download says the CNET installer is enabled. This will try and install a toolbar and change your homepage. Try downloading it without the CNET installer.

Thank you L.A.R.Grizzly and wasgij6

  1. I actually tried the virustotal analysis. However, I can not be sure as running an avast scan does not indicate it is a virus.

  2. I downloaded the program without the toolbar. (most toolbars are nightmares, you know!)


Look directly below that button for a direct download link.


As my previous post said, I used the direct download link and downloaded the program without the toolbar. For me, most toolbars or BHOs are nightmares!