Win an iPad [Closed]

Did you know more people like Comodo than Symantec on Facebook?

To enter, visit Facebook and click the “Win iPads” link on the left.

Please don’t forget to click the ‘Like’ button too and become one of many thousands of people who like Comodo.

Nice to hear :slight_smile: I don’t use Facebook and will never do that

Keep up the good work Paul!

Valentin N

Well I followed the link and as I already liked it a long time ago, I unliked then liked again heh heh! :slight_smile:

Facebook, not a chance I’m going to use that. :slight_smile:

Me either. I just don’t understand the appeal of the social networking sites. :slight_smile:

Maybe they could create a “Like” thread here on the forum! :-La

:-TU HeffeD likes this.

(Isn’t that how it works? :wink: )

I am happy to see that I am not the only who has this opinion :slight_smile: I am not the Facebook type and I am happy about it.

Valentin N

Probably the facebook users don’t like “traditional” forums ;D

Me too,

Not willing to participate in facebook.

Me neither. Not even for an ipad.


1 in 20 K chance, I liked it.

“Well I’m a facebook addict, and I like ‘traditional forums’, so button it (only joking… no offense), but can understand how it can be boring for some!”

Free iPad would be pretty cool, though I doubt you’ll want to send it all the way to my country.

In any case, I don’t like farcebook so I guess you can count me out.

Is this iPad or iPad 2 ?

No Facebook for me.

I think it’s Ipad; Ipad 2 is new on the market.

Valentin N

What’s a Facebook? ???

j/k Nope, not for me. Thanks anyway. :slight_smile:

Facebook is a place where can share your private life with “friends” and a good way to waste your time.

what a good news!i do want have a ipad!thanks :smiley:

This contest was supposed to end on 31st of March. Where are the winners announced ?

I dont like facebook… NO facebook NO iPad…