Win 8 firewall and Comodo active at the same time?


I recently upgraded to Windows 8 from Windows 7.

The Comodo Firewall icon was not visible in the system tray unless I manually opened it so for good measure I completely uninstalled and reinstalled it so that it seems always visible there, and of course reassuringly active.

It has been my experience on Windows 7 that with Comodo or other firewalls active Windows’ own firewall would turn itself off but this morning after blocking a game in Comodo Firewall I had not played since upgrading I opened the game up and Windows’ firewall gave me the dialogue box asking if I wanted to allow it access to the Internet.

Should Windows not recognise Comodo Firewall taking its place?

I have now turned off Windows Firewall for private and public networks to see if I receive a notifcation about not being protected…

Please advise.

I don’t know the answer. I just went to control and admin tools…then services and just completely disabled windows firewall since i was running Comodo Firewall.

Also, what makes the Comodo Firewall better than the stock Windows 8 firewall?

CIS is supposed to automatically turn off the Windows firewall and it did so on all 3 machines I have installed v6 on. If it doesn’t, just turn it off through the Control Panel. I have Win7, Vista, and XP machines. No Win8 for me :wink:

If I remember well, it was a bug reported during beta testing but I’m not sure it is corrected for Win 8. At least in my personal experience, the latest CIS 6 version didn’t automatically disable Win FW when I installed it and I had to disable it manually as you did.

From my recent investigations, on Windows 8, it would appear that the Windows firewall Pivate profile is left running following the installation of CIS 6. I still don’t know if this is by design or a bug.