Win 8.1 Update 1 users looking forward to next update

I am one of those Win 8.1 Update 1 user that can’t use Comodo.

Hi christarzan,
What issues are you having that is stopping you from using CIS?
Is there other users also unable to use the latest version of CIS?
CIS V7.0.317799.4142 is running fine here with WIndows 8.1.


lot of users like me can’t use in 8.1 . please check bug tracker. comodo devs really funny about this issue. according to their last reply, we need to rename few files/file for use comodo in 8.1. that’s how they act abut BLUE SCREEN error. no proper update & recommend to users to rename comodo files in system/system32 folder.
Original bug report created in 05th APRIL. ten days to 2months .


Please don’t cross post. You already are active in BSOD WIN 8.1U1 0xc000021 [M953] topic. Developers are not in the habit of communicating a lot and sending feedback to the bug reports other than strictly necessary. It’s a given with any product you would report bugs for.

The request made to rename certain files was not meant as a solution but as a step in trying to identify what CIS system files are involved in your problem.

Please notice that identifying, reproducing, fixing and testing the fixes for bugs is not a trivial thing and will take time; sometimes more than we would like to see.

From the forum’s side the process of submitting well structured bug reports is helping Comodo a great deal to fix bugs more efficiently.

Hello guys,

I’m the one of windows 8.1(x64) user who have BSOD problem after update to latest version of CFW (V7.0.317799.4142) since released date. After the update was successful, I had restarted computer and it showed “Comodo security agent could not be started” on start up and 1-2 minutes have passes before BSOD (loop).
Therefore, I didn’t have enough time to do anything in normal mode, then I started windows in safe mode and follow Chiron’s post method carefully with no success.
The last attempt to uninstall CFW is uninstaller software (Revo or something, I’m not sure).
I love Comodo so I try to downgrade by searching for earlier version (both 7 and last number of 6) but I’ve found that the BSOD problem still persist.
I’m not sure that the problem comes from windows 8.1 update1 or some file which was destroyed or conflict in Comodo core file. I always follow this forum and hope the problem with windows 8.1 will be fixed soon.

Best regards,


Same issues here. After Update 1 it all went haywire.

but i can >:-D