Win 8.1 BSOD several minutes after startup after installing Comodo

I’ve used comodo in the past, but now as I reinstalled it (i didn’t have it on this machine before) restarted the machine, several minutes after logging into the user, the computer gets a BSOD. I also noticed when I went to the control panel of Comodo, the firewall was running at Safe Mode, and when I attempted to open files, run things as administrator, it didn’t recognize my only account on the PC as the admin (which it is.)

the current security ware i have on is:
Avast Free AV

I was reading through some forum posts on another site, which said Comodo firewall should work fine with Avast… so I dunno whats causing it, I uninstalled it, and BSOD went away…
Any help would be great.

Hi dulexo,

Please attach a system summary.
run > msinfo32 > save


sure thing, but attachments dont apparently allow .nfo files, how would you like it?


Archive it (preferably zip format) & attach it.

here we are.

Apparently, you’re experiencing a known issue which is caused by a conflict with Microsoft Toolkit. It should be fixed in the near future.

ah… you know a patch will be set out? i really need the extra security, here in china, they have a lot of adware, spyware etc.

or even a fix would be great :slight_smile:

I have no additional information. Devs were able to replicate this issue which means this should be fixed sooner or later.
Optionally, you could change activation method in Microsoft Toolkit since DLL injection is quite troublesome. Some users have claimed that some (other) methods do prevent this issue. That’s all I know.

Hope it helps.

alright thanks.


I’m a member of COMODO, I just saw what you post on COMODO forum.
Is your computer Win8.1 x64?
Could you please send me the dump file after the BSOD happened?
What version of CIS did you installed?
And did you open the enhanced protected mode in Hips setting?
Thank you for your report.

yes it’s a 8.1 x64, here’s the system info attached,
as for the comodo version, I downloaded it off the website about 3 days ago, so it should be the latest one.
and i believe before I restarted, I turned off HIPS completely, only had the firewall on.

and sorry i’m a bit of a noob, where can I find the dump file?

[attachment deleted by admin]


Thank you
If you didn’t change the dump position, the dump would be in c:\windows.
If the dump is complete dump, it will help us to analysis.
Right click Computer->Properties->Advanced system settings
→ attached picture is the setting
Thank you very much.

[attachment deleted by admin]

seems its not there, i will reinstall it to recreate the BDOS

Guidance on how to get full dump file is here:;msg761319#msg761319

Thank you :slight_smile:

Did you update Windows and Avast recently?

If so read here:

it took about 3 bdos’s for me to get it to stop, i manually deleted the comodo files because it would deny access to windows if i tried it the normal way [ idid this in safemode] then crashed again, then it appears that comodo firewall was still installed i uninstalled it with the windows uninstall app, crashed again, then it seemed to stop.
so i think it might be the firewall doing this…

and the file seems to be oversize so I can’t send it, so not how to send it to you :stuck_out_tongue:

hi, the file is quite big and won’t upload, how would you like it? :P0l

It compresses well on zipping normally.

Kind regards


zipped, its 100mb