Win 7 pro x64 fingerprint login blocked by CIS firewall


I have a Toshiba machine with win 7 pro x64. I use one time logon with fingerprint login. CIS firewall block the fingerprint logon screen at windows logon screen.
I’ve added Toshiba fingerprint utility to the trusted apps.

Everytime I reboot my machine I have to boot in safe mode to disable CIS firewall and then reboot again to login with my fingerprint then enable CIS firewall again. This is a little bit unconfortable.

Is it a bug or am I doing, configuring my CIS wrong?

Hi sarkanygyik,
Please run through the below list of possible causes kindly posted by Mouse1.
App. is not working correctly, but does not seem to be s/boxed. What to do? [v5]

From the information you have given I am not clear whether this is a bug/issue.

For the moment I will transfer you to help so you can work through this issue with users and mods in this forum and hopefully resolve it. I hope that is OK.

Please ask any mod to move this report back to the bugs forum if it becomes clear that it is a bug/issue.

Best wishes


This seems similar to an issue raised by another user. To work out if it is and to help you I’ll need a bit more information.

Could you post a screenshot of your Defence+ event logs (D+ ~ View Events), and your active process list (D+ ~ View active processes please?

There is a post here in new member information that will guide you on making screenshots.

Also could you tell m if you are using standard CIS settings, or, if not how you have changed them.

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Here is the other user’s topic here. If yours looks the same I will maybe merge.

Best wishes


Sorry for late reply, thanks all of you who try to help me, my machine is in RMA, need some repair. I will try all that you suggested and will reply when I got my laptop back. in 1-2 weeks…


Everything working fine, thank you for help.