Win 7 And Free CIS

I installed the latest free CIS on Win 7 build 7127 but the Tray icon has the red circle with diagonal line and when I open CIS there’s a sentence on the bottom of the window that says “the Network Firewall is not functioning properly”. Does anyone have a solution? Thanks.

Did You Checked With This;msg289637 ?

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Do you have any other security programs installed? Which ones? Which one(s) are running in the background? What happens when you disable them?

CIS is working here without a glitch at Win 7 RC (7100). Did you do an upgrade or clean install of Win 7 (7127)?

Actually, the app needs to be installed as Admin, or the firewall usually won’t install (running on Win7 RC1 x64).

It’s not true.Sorry!I’ve installed comodo(CIS complete) on win 7-build 7100,7127x86,x64,and now on 7264x64 with just clicking on the installer and that’s it.

Read he blue part. You mean without here?

Do you run UAC?

I mean this:1.Download the latest CIS.
2.Click on the CIS_setup_3.10_xxx
3.That’s it.Nothing more,nothing less :))
Right now,CIS 3.10 is running on win 7 ,build 7600RTMx64.

Is that for the 7264 build? That’s an interim build; you never know what things break in those snapshot builds. There have been a few build in the 71 or 70 series that had problems with CIS as well with other programs. Using these builds is for one’s own risk of course…

Right now,CIS 3.10 is running on win 7 ,build 7600RTMx64.
You have a leaked RTM version? Glad to see CIS works on that..... :a0

works just great :-TU