Win 7 64, MajicJack & Realtek

Win 7 64, MajicJack & Realtek, is there any kind of incompatibility issues?

I have fully updated Win 7, latest MagicJack & latest Realtek.

The prob here after few days net doesn’t works. After MagicJack uninstall the net works fine. I again reinstall MagicJack & net works fine but after few days again net doesn’t works & uninstalling & reinstalling MagicJack solves the prob.

When net doesn’t works, the LAN card Realtek keeps changing i.e few secs it shows unplugged & few secs identifying. Uninstalling/Reinstalling solves the prob but the prob appears again after few days.

If I dont install MagicJack the prob doesn’t appear.

Any info & solution here?