Win 7 64 Laptop

Sometimes during boot the laptop displays black screen & the screen shows up only when the boot reaches logon i.e password enter.

What could be the prob?

chkdsk showed no error.
sfc /scannow showed no error.
MBAM, HMP, BD Free & Emsisoft Emergency Kit, KillSwitch, Quick Repair & AutoRun Analyzer showed no probs/malware.

I having this problem too… started two months ago. I don’t know if it’s because of CIS or windows update… I just ignore it.

I am running Bitdefender Free & Windows FW.
When I had CIS 6 then too this was happening.
My laptop is HP Pavilion DV4T-1400
Battery have finished so power usage only now.

I have HP Pavilion dv3.

I am not running Bitdefender Free & Windows FW.

months ago I was having this problem in much more serious case when I ticked the “Scan my memory in boot” option in the AV settings.
my computer didn’t start at all. I needed to install windows again because I could not remove CIS or change its settings in Safe Mode.
I will never tick this option again lol…

Now I’m waiting like a minute until windows start… truly I don’t know what is the source of this problem.

Is the black screen phase longer than usual? Is that the problem you’re experiencing?

You can check the Windows logs if it is waiting for component that is not responding?

Something specific?

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Look what I found here: