Win 32:Alureon-CU(Rtk), methinks I have...


I think I have the Win 32:Alureon-CU(Rtk) malware in my gaming PC (the one with the mouse autodetection problem).

Most likely, I got it before I installed AVAST, Comodo CIS, Malawarebytes, and Spybot S&D.

So, does this mean that the malware’s been having free reign, sending info back and forth from my gaming PC?

Can this be the source of my mouse problems here:;msg333625#msg333625
I hope guys that make malware and viruses…I hope something bad happens to them…or good…just so they would stop.

What makes you think you have Win 32:Alureon-CU(Rtk) malware?

When I setup my gaming pc, I didn’t install any security software until such a time that I had to go online from the gaming pc.

During that time I used certain software that my friend gave me to help me setup, such as ghosting utilities for ease of backing up.

By this time I had avast and CIS and Spybot S&D setup and updated…(I should have run them all at full comprehensive scans instead of playing all the time)…before I went online.

When my mouse trouble started, I tried to back-track…lo and behold, the CD my friend gave me to assist in my setting up the gaming pc had Win 32:Alureon-CU (Rtk). Upon CD-autoplay, Avast detected it. I guess my friend downloaded it, gave it to me, without scanning it.

I can’t even use NOOB Killer without the mouse. The “8-X Kill All” button doesn’t have a shortcut key, and I am lousy at navigating without a mouse.

I can’t even scan using AVAST, its graphics user interface is freakin’ fancy and mouse dependent.

I have disabled CIS to let the ASUS P5Q SE2 chipset update install without any hitch. But even that didn’t solve my mouse auto-detection problem.

Without my mouse…I’m helpless.

It’s like trying to brawl with only one leg and an elbow to fight with.

Is the Win 32:Alureon-CU(Rtk) removable? Can one truly, 100% cure it from one’s computer?

Also, can I like, upgrade from WinXP SP3 to Vista 64 without reformatting and it will be okay? I just reformatted and reinstalled WinXP you see, just a few weeks ago and I would like to avoid reinstalling everything all over again.

Okay, I got the Logitech mouse to work.

Logitech is great. They support their products with excellent drivers…

Unlike LEXMA, who only seems to make drivers for their higher end model mouse.

I’ve got the AM546. The next model is AM610. The AM610 has a dedicated driver and the AM546 does not?

What is that? Like, HELLO? LEXMA are you playing dumb or sumting?

Since you may be struggling with malware start with following What to do if you’re infected - eXPerience Rev.3 and report back as requested.

You say Avast alerted you about the presence of Win 32:Alureon-CU(Rtk) on the CD, is that correct? Or does it also report it being active on your system? What does Avast report when you let it do a full system scan with rootkit detection enabled?

Avast reported it on the CD, upon autoplay of said CD. It is yet to report Win 32:Alureon-CU(Rtk) being active in the system of the gaming pc.

And uh…I have three hard disks to do full scans on. I finished scanning C: yesterday, and with D: it got to only 26%; a total of 62.7GB of files scanned.

I have files from college, I worked with animation, video, audio, and such (Adobe Premier, FLASH, Photoshop, Sound Forge, etc.) and its these files that take so much time to scan. I think just to scan D: will take probably until dinner, and I am yet to have breakfast as I am typing this.

So far, I got rid of 2 malwares from Getright. They are not Win 32:Alureon-CU(Rtk). I downloaded Getright years ago. I thought is was a good download at that time.

I have turned off system restore for all hard disks. I will turn it back on after the full scans are complete.

My strategy is:

  1. Run updated AVAST at thorough scan of all hard disks.
  2. Run updated Spybot S&D
  3. Run updated Malawarebytes.
  4. Run updated CCleaner.

I know it is not a perfect strategy, but is it good?