win 10 help

i just downloaded a copy of comodo that worked for win ten

however it now states that it fails to install the updates

it had crashed and was not being loaded at start up

i reinstalled it and got it to load …but yet it still throws the error and will not install the new sig`s etc…it comes up with a red splash…

i am going to reinstall win 10 pro the latest edition i downloaded 1710 or something

also when i install it i go into win update via services and turn of auto update as i did before…but win 10 is just that and it seems to do as it wishes…

any help would be greatly app thank you phase44…

if any body can give me a link to the latest free version of cis that works with win 10 pro i would be grateful as i am not 100% certain that i am using the latest

as for a follow up
i did a reinstall wiping my hdd after loading win 10 pro from cd i next installed cis and then later did win update…seems ok atm but time will tell…

Please note for ALL, when quoting Windows version, please, RERQUIRED, is the build number of Windows.

win 10 pro 1709

build of comodo i am not shure but it was recommended to work…a 212 meg file if that is of any help crispremiem installer… you will find the latest released in the news announcements section of the CIS section.