willing to try again, but i am skeptical

I had a clean install of winxp pro and cav created a hal.dll error that tech never did figure out (not the virus answer since it hadn’t even been online from clean install). I am creating a new machine and will be putting a clean install of winxp pro 64 on it. I really enjoyed the comodo products I have actually been able to use and would be a more active participant in the message boards if cav would be issue free. I take it we are still in beta testing? When will you issue a non beta release? Any recomendations or questions you have before I try the install to help tech? In the meantime i’ve been using antivi personal edition, I would rather have yours. What can I do to help? If I can’t get it to work on this new machine, or this one when i redo it shortly thereafter I will probably not try again until the message board is loaded with congratulations as far as the eye can see. All my best.



we seemed to identify one area…

if you can replicate the error, we would love to see the logs pls.
thanks for your help


Sorry, i’m not techie, just savvy, I don’t keep logs for any reason but I would be happy to run one for you when I install it. Where is the log you want kept and what records it? Do you have a particular order you want me to install my software? I usually install the os, then the updates for the os, then certify each driver, then all other ms directly related software (office/encarta/plus!) … after that I install X-Netstat, your firewall and antivirus with updates. When that’s done I get to install spybot, ad-aware, pc-pitstop, grc software, dso stop and hta stop, and dauchsound proggies. If I get through all that I get to install the rest of the basics like note tab light, pc magazine utilities and xp anti spy. That’s when you start cleaning out the crapola (logs/extra files/etc) and shut off the services you don’t need. The rest is directx updates, java and the fluff proggies. I promise not to use any tweaks until the last of it is installed and updated error free. If you’d rather another order let me know, but its been my experience to get ms completely finsished before doing anything else or you will have problems and at the very least go back and shut the ms security suite off.

I should be ordering the os today, the h/d still needs to be ordered and i’m waiting on my friend to get off his butt and send my vid card so i’m thinking 2 weeks from today.

Hi msdomino,
The troubleshoot log is created at
Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\comodo\Comodo AntiVirus\TroubleShootLog
You can send us cavasm.log after compressing.
You have installed CAV after OS installation and OS updates. Its fine. There is no particular order for installation, you can install CAV in any order.